Mexican Breakfast Hash

I seem to spend a large portion of each work week dreaming of all of the delicious breakfast recipes I will makes once the weekend rolls around. My mind becomes filled with visions of savoury waffles, eggs benedict, grain free porridge and French toast. On Friday I even go so far as to make a trip to the grocery store to buy a dozen eggs, bacon, sausage and other breakfast ingredients I might need. Fast forward to Saturday morning when I’m quickly toasting SA an English muffin to eat on his way … [Read more...]

Creamy Mushroom Soup


I consider myself to be a roll with the punches or glass half full kind of girl. Throw me in an unpleasant situation and I am usually the first person to point out the bright side, no matter how small and irrelevant it might be. The only aspect of my life where this optimistic attitude fails, is with regards to the weather, cold weather to be precise. When it gets cold in London I spend half the day moaning about it to whomever will listen and the other half convinced I'm going to die of … [Read more...]

Chai Spiced Cookies

I am finally back in London which means it’s time for some serious Christmas baking. Each year I excitedly wait for the arrival of December 1st, when it officially becomes acceptable to break into full blown Christmas mode (and not October 15th like Marks and Spencer is trying to have you believe). What is full blown Christmas mode you ask? Well there are lights, lots and lots of sparkly lights, both inside and out, that would make even Sparky proud (bonus points to anyone who got that … [Read more...]

Espresso Ice Cream


It's officially December which means the most indulgent month of the year has arrived! I love Christmas. I love the decadence that comes with every aspect of life for a straight month, the eating, the shopping, the drinking, the socialising, it's all so over the top. I love that splurging is not just allowed this time of year, it's expected. I find this to be the hardest month for following a strict diet, with delicious food being served at every office party, social gathering and family … [Read more...]

Crunchy Split Peas


This is a recipe for one of my new favourite snacks. I used to be addicted to snacking on anything that was bite sized, salty and that came with a crunch; wasabi peas, corn nuts, rice crackers, roasted chickpeas, I loved them all. Unfortunately since starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet the only thing that ticks all 3 boxes is nuts, which I love, but after awhile, they get boring (even macadamia nuts which to me are the Ferrari of the nut world). Until recently, the only thing that I … [Read more...]

Almond & Orange Biscotti

Have you ever tried a rusk? They are a South African biscuit and one of SA`s absolute favourite things. They look like a dog biscuit, I kid you not, and they are absolutely rock hard, to the point that they are almost impossible to eat unless dipped in tea or coffee. Sounds appetising right? Every time we go to South Africa, SA returns home to london with half a suit case full of rusks. Each Saturday and Sunday morning he rations out just one rusk for breakfast and threatens physical harm to … [Read more...]

Apple Pie Ice Cream


Where does my recipe inspiration come from? While I would love to tell you that a lot of it comes from delicious meals I’ve enjoyed at restaurants or from shopping at local markets in different countries I have been to on my travels, that would be a complete lie. Most of the time, my recipe inspiration comes from the impending use by date on food hidden in the back corner of my fridge. Sorry to disappoint you. I absolutely hate to throw anything away, especially food, and will do everything … [Read more...]

Cauliflower Bread

Cauliflower breadsticks and pizza crusts have been showing up on health food blogs for the past year or so, pushing kale chips and spinach smoothies to the side. I am a massive fan of cauliflower pizza and make it for dinner about once a month, but I find the process of grating the cauliflower and microwaving it in batches to be quite time consuming. As previously mentioned I was on a ‘cooking with cauliflower’ spree last weekend and after making couscous salad, I had leftover cauliflower rice … [Read more...]

Tropical Fruit Bites


My sweet tooth has a mind of its own. It can’t be tamed, it shows up at the most unlikely of times, and it won’t stop nagging me until it gets exactly what it wants. I think of it as good training for when I one day raise kids. No matter how large my lunch or dinner, I continue to be hungry until I have eaten something sweet. It’s quite the phenomenon, even after 2 servings of Thanksgiving dinner I’m still hungry and craving pumpkin pie. Energy balls have been a great solution to this … [Read more...]

Cauliflower Couscous Salad

It's official, cauliflower is my new favourite vegetable (sorry butternut squash!). It may not be the most vibrant of vegetables but when it comes to versatility, it takes the cake. Last week the market had cauliflower on sale so I bought some with the intention of perfecting my cauliflower pizza crust. 4 dishes later I was out of cauliflower and still hadn’t started on the pizza crust. Instead I came up with 4 completely different recipes, Chinese fried rice, a jalapeno & bacon bread, … [Read more...]