Fig Newton Energy Balls


Since starting Every Last Bite almost 7 months ago I am quite proud of the varied selection of recipes I have posted. There have been salads and soups, starters and dips as well as breads, bars and cookies. No matter how creative or delicious each recipe is, week after week the most popular posts are… 

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Grain Free Pumpkin Risotto


My family came to visit a few weeks ago and we decided to go to Bordeaux for the weekend. Whenever we are together good food and lots of wine is a given, but put my family + SA in Bordeaux and the good food and wine hits a whole new level of indulgence. We spent… 

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Asian Salmon Cakes with Tropical Salsa

Whenever I see a recipe for prawn, crab or fish cakes the words “guaranteed disaster” cross my mind. This is primarily due to a crab cake incident at a Christmas party we threw a few years ago. I had never made crab cakes before but after looking up a dozen or so recipes online I… 

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Lemon & Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies in October? I know, sometimes I confuse myself too. I spent most of the month of September posting summer recipes as I was convinced it was still August. A week later and I have skipped right over the entire season of autumn and moved straight into Christmas. Although usually served ¬†at Christmas, I… 

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Raspberry Jam


During my first year in London I had a never ending stream of guests who came to stay with me. As I had just graduated from University, most of my friends from Canada were keen to travel and low on money so a free couch to sleep on in central London was an opportunity few… 

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Easy-Peasy Pickles

I think I’m pushing it a bit on the timing of this post. Summer has passed and the leaves are changing colour which means cucumber season is officially over but keeping this recipe to myself for another 9 months just seemed unfair. So ladies and gentleman, may I present to you worlds easiest homemade pickles…. 

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Herb Flatbread with Roasted Veggies & Pesto

When people find out I love to cook one of the first questions they often ask is “whats the hardest thing you make”. Through practice I have discovered that if you add a few specific words to any dish you can make it sound impressively complicated and gourmet. Words such as braised, emulsion, puree and… 

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Banana Bread Energy Balls


Do you have any secret food indulgences? Something you eat when no one is looking? I’m hoping that at least one person is answering yes to this question so I don’t feel like a complete food obsessed weirdo. My secret food indulgence is uncooked dough and batter. I like cookies but I LOVE cookie dough…. 

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Vietnamese Chicken Salad

My version of adult Disneyland exists for just 5 days each June. It usually rains the entire time and after 3 hours I return home with an empty wallet and a very full belly, but for those 3 hours I feel like a little kid bursting with excitement, running from place to place while SA… 

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