Roasted Tomato & Walnut Cream Tarts


How cute are these little bite sized tarts!? They are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine at cocktail hour or to serve as finger food at a party. Although the almond flour tart shell makes for a great base, it’s the walnut cream filling that gets top mark in this recipe. I will… 

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Cauliflower Rice Paella


Paella is a dish that I had been wanting to try to “de-grain” for a long time but was always worried that the end result would be a spicy plate of mush. It turns out I had nothing to worry about but because this dish completely exceeded any expectation I had on what a grain… 

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Strawberry Ice Cream


The beginning of July is my favourite time of year in London. Summer has officially arrived, the entire city becomes captivated by Wimbledon and British strawberries are finally in season. Between late May and mid July, British strawberries are in their prime. They are vibrant red, juicy and full of flavour, in no way resembling… 

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Apple Cinnamon Granola

You’ve heard it a million times before: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which provides you with nutrients to give you energy for the day ahead. It’s a statement that we all try to live by, but unfortunately its easier said then done. In the busy morning rush of getting ready for… 

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Pecan & Caramel Shortbread Bars

Calling anyone with a serious sweet tooth! You are about to meet your match! There are lots of recipes for desserts on this site, from lemon curd tarts and strawberry & rhubarb bars to espresso cheesecake, but these pecan and caramel shortbread bars take the cake (sorry, I couldn’t resist). These bars are decadent and… 

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Broccoli Fritters


I love dishes that taste indulgent but are secretly full of healthy things making them surprisingly good for you. These broccoli fritters are a guilty pleasure of mine, with a crisp outside and creamy center which tastes more like creamy cheddar and broccoli soup then steamed broccoli. From what I hear, tricking your kids into… 

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Caramelized Onion & Thyme Focaccia


Slices of warm focaccia laden with caramelized onions, a sprinkle of thyme and crystalized salt dipped in a dish of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar….I mean seriously, how good does that sound? When it comes to whipping up a loaf of bread, it doesn’t get much easier than this. The dough requires no… 

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Hazelnut Butter Cookies


My baking urge usually strikes at the most unlikely of times, such as 1030pm on a Sunday. I rush to the kitchen, and as luck would have it, I am guaranteed to be out of at least one of the required ingredients. The local grocery store is usually now closed so I resort to a… 

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Crunchy Green Slaw with Poppy Seed Dressing

Now that May has arrived, many health conscious eaters are increasing their salad consumption in preparation for summer which is just around the corner (no pressure!). As much as I enjoy a typical lettuce salad with lots of toppings, I also love experimenting with different bases like beets or cauliflower couscous. It’s often hard to… 

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Sesame Salmon

I was born and raised on the west coast of Canada where salmon is practically its own food group (and not maple syrup or seal like many stereotypes would have you believe). Salmon is not only delicious but its also one of the most nutritious fish you can eat. One of the most well known… 

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